Dashboard > Analytics

Use the dashboard to get a quick overview over order volume, revenue, reviews, more.

Click onDashboard with chart pie icon then  in admin.favrit.com to get the following features

Choose a time period to an hour, day, week, month, year and all:.

You'll now get an overview of the following:

  • total revenue, in amount
  • number of orders
  • feedback metics
    • average rating, based on a score between 1-5
    • positive ratings, in amount
    • negative ratings, in amount
    • comments, in amount
    • button to read comments and see more details
  • grand revenue including tips for the time period selected, in amount
  • total product sold, in amount
  • total tip, in amount
  • number of unique guests, in amount
  • distribution of recurring and one time guests, in percentage and amount
  • average number of purchases per guest, in amount
  • average amount spend per guest, in amount
  • list of your 20 most and least sold products, with name and units sold.