Service: Delivery points

Use delivery points to enable or disable table service, pick up points, take away, room service, delivery, more.

For every delivery point, you have the following options:

  • Enable or disable the delivery point in itself.
  • Add a fee per delivery point.

Feature overview for each delivery point:

Delivery points Multiple points Pre-order possible Info to user
Table service - guests can get the food to their table, by writing the table number. No. Yes. Yes.
Pick up point - guests need to pick up their food at specified location in your location. Yes, f.ex. «by the bar», «at window». Yes. Yes, per sub-point.
Take Away - guests will pick up their food to go. Yes. Yes. Yes.
Delivery - if your resturants delivers, guests will add their address. No. Yes. Yes.
Room Service - for hotels where guest can specify which room. No. Yes. Yes.
Seat - for cinemas, theatres (can also turn on section and row) No. No. No.
Conference room - for hotels and others offering this. Yes, example: "Big hall" or "Room no. 2" Yes. Yes.

Video walktrough: