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  2. Setting Up and Getting Started

Finding the right devices

Find out which devices are right for you, before going live.

With Favrit, you can go full-on digital with your ordering

  • You can start using our product with any computer and/or tablet. Those who prepare orders in the bar or kitchen, might need a tablet or computer to view incoming orders, and informing customers and staff when they're done.
  • For ePOS orders, you can also use any tablet or smartphone to collect orders.

If you need printed receipts, get a suitable printer

For this setup, you need

  • An Apple iPad running at least iPadOS 13.
  • A receipt printer
    • For cable connected printers (USB or Ethernet): Star Micronics MCP31L or MCP31LNH and a cable to connect the iPad and printer: Lightning to USB-A.
    • For wireless connected printers (Bluetooth): Star Micronics MCP31LB or MCP31LBNH.
  • Thermal receipt paper with width between 78 and 80 mm.

Connection with cable are more robust than a wireless connection. Walls and large distances may interfere with Bluetooth.

You can connect multiple printers to the same iPad.

Bringing your own devices

If you have suitible devices, just bring your own. Make sure to have them updated to the latest versions of the operating system and web browsers.

Buy what you need from us

If you're a customer, Favrit offers the following products for sale:

  • latest model of Apple iPad
  • receipt printer Star Micronics MCP31L (for USB or LAN connection)
  • receipt printer Star Micronics MCP31LB (for USB, Bluetooth and LAN connection)
  • cable between printer and iPad, that also charges the iPad
  • table stand with space for iPad and printer
  • sample roll of thermal receipt paper

When purchasing devices from us, you are the owner of those devices.

We ship items as soon as possible.