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Get treated by your friends and family

In some locations, you can use Treat Me to share in messages or social media that you're at a ordr location. Your friends and family can then treat you with gifts from the location's menu.

How it works for you as the guest

This feature is available in some locations. After making your first purchase, you might see this button:

Green banner with the following text. "Tell your friends you're here and maybe they'll treat you!" A button labeled "Feeling lucky?"

Enter your table number and click Send to friends

Text saying: "Try your luck! Who do you think will surprise you? Share your table number with your friends and see if anyone is feeling generous!" A input field asks for "table number" and a button is labeled "Send to friends".

Based on the phone you're using, you'll see a sharing menu. Choose the app you want to use.

A pre-defined message is created. You can edit the text, but don't change the link:

Hey! I can now get treated through ordr. I’m at location name sitting at table 12. 


If someone treats you, the order is sent as normal to the location.

How it works for you as the treater

Click the link you were sent. This will open the menu on ordr. Choose a product as normal, and go to the checkout page. Here you're asked who you're treating. This will show to the location.