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Information to accountants and auditors

Our common customer is using Favrit, a revolutionary mobile ordering and payment system as their point-of-sale (POS) system.

Transactions from guests

The guest opens the menu and makes purchases trough Favrit's systems. We have multiple payments methods, some where Favrit receives the money directly, some where it's posted to a payment processor's account.

After payment, a guest can request a receipt to be sent to an email address. Guests can also contact the customer or Favrit Support, to get a copy of it.

Customers also perform refunds trough admin.favrit.com.

Each payment provider might take a fee for the transaction, which are deducted from the payout directly.

Reports, product groups and VAT

Favrit's system provide several different reports that can be used for end-of-shift reporting by the waiter, for managers and for accounting. Different reports specify things like VAT breakdown, payment methods breakdown, fee/tips amounts and products sold.

We also have support for product groups, a way to link a menu item to an account number in your ledger, and decide VAT rates.

Integration between Favrit and accounting software

Favrit offers an a once-a-day export from our system to the following accounting software systems: Fiken, Fortnox, PowerOffice Go, 24SevenOffice, Tripletex, Visma eAccounting and Xledger.

Invoice for license fees, transactions fees and hardware

According to the agreement you have with Favrit, you will be invoiced monthly for license and transactions fees. If you purchased hardware trough Favrit, this will also be added.

Getting access to admin.favrit.com

As an accountant or auditor, you might want to get access to admin.favrit.com to view reports. Favrit Support won't give out access, nor reports, without access.

  • Let your customer contact Favrit Support with the email address that should have the access.

Legal information

In Norway, Favrit is a cashier system with product declaration according to Norwegian law's Cash Register Systems Act and the Cash Register Systems Regulation.

More information

Browse around on our support pages to learn more about Favrit. You are also welcome to contact us whenever you need to get help: Favrit Support.