Making sales in ePOS

Learn more about how to make sales over the counter or at the tables.

Choosing products

In Favrit ePOS, you will on the left hand side find your menu sections. Click on the section you want to choose from.

In the middle of the screen, all products show up in boxes. If a product has multiple sizes, each size shows as a different product. Click on the product to select it.

Products with addons, removable ingredients, customisations and/or recommendations, will show a box to choose the correct adjustments. This box also show the selected ingredients for that product.

Viewing and changing the cart

All products you add, are added to the cart on the right hand side. To change a product, click on it and make adjustments to the number of products or change the configuration. To remove a product from the cart, change the number of items to 0. You can also empty the entire cart.

Before you make the order, you can also send a comment to the kitchen by using the "Note" button.

Making the sale

You can choose if your sale is made at the counter or at the table. The latter is important if you want to type in the table number to deliver the food or drinks.

  • You can also add the items to pay later. Learn more about Open Bill.

By default, a button labelled "External terminal" shows, asking you to accept payments trough a payment terminal you already have. To use this option, first type in the total amount on the terminal and hand it to the guest. When the payment is complete, you can click on "External terminal".

  • If you are one of the customers with a terminal from Favrit, learn more about accepting sales with an integrated terminal.

When the sale has been marked as paid, it will show in the order log in Admin, and print if you have a printer connected. From Admin, you can also refund the entire order, partial order and print or email receipts to the guest.