and user accounts

You need a user account to sign in. Some venues share one account, other create one for each employee.


Your username is your email address.

You can choose to register a general email address ( or a personalized email address ( If you want to, you can allow your employees to use their personal email addresses.

We won't send emails to the registered email address unless you request a forgotten password email.


To change your password, go to Forgot Password page.

An email is sent to the address if a Favrit account exists, with a link to reset your password. The link is valid for 29 minutes. If you didn't receive it, but have an Favrit Admin account, check your spam/bin/trash folders. If you still can't find it, Contact Support.

Creating, changing or removing user accounts

Contact Favrit Support to make any changes. Have relevant email addresses ready.


A user account can be tied to an unlimited number of locations. When signing in, you can choose the location you want to manage. To change locations, click on the location name in the top right, and click Change locations.

To learn more, see Managing several locations.