Orders Overview

Orders is where you get a live overview of incoming orders, and can reprint, send ready SMS and mark as delivered. Refunds are also performed trough this feature.

Click on in admin.favrit.com to get the following features

All orders, placements and Sales View

  • ALL ORDERS show you all of your orders, not micronetworked orders unless they contain items on your menu. The overview can show the latest 150 orders, the latest at the top.
  • ORDERS: with a name behind represents placements, when you need to have multiple locations to handle orders.
    • If you use a printer, it must be connected to one of these.
    • This will also show micronetworked placements.
    • If you need to create or change placements, contact Favrit Support.
  • SALES VIEW show all of your orders, but only those not marked as delivered and with the oldest order at the top.

Details for each order

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Orders in the log is grouped by (actual) date of when the order is complete. For each order, you can view the following details:

info button The order button gives you access to send receipt, re-send confirmation and issue receipts to your guests. Learn more about these features. It also show the order number.
Ordered: Time when the order was confirmed and paid.

Delivery: Show the delivery point, such as the table number, pick-up point and and more. Table DIRECT_SALE are direct sales trough the waiter solution.

Name and info on the order.

If you have a printer, you can reprint using this button.

Guests that have entered a valid phone number, will be able to receive a SMS with a pre-filled template. You can adjust this template.

After sending, the button turns yellow and timestamps when the last SMS was sent.

If you see this, it means a full refund was issued.

This button let you tell the system that you delivered the product. When clicking, you will get a timestamp.

Yellow labels with names tells you that this is purchased from another location trough micronetwork.

Yellow labels with date and time tells you this item was pre-ordered, and the time to deliver. 


Viewing discounted, refunded, preordered and bill on room

If you need a quick overview of the latest (max 150) discounted, refunded, preordered or bill on room orders, use the "Showing" filter at the top.

Search for orders

If you have the order reference, table number, first name or phone, you can use it to search.

Click the magifier button, enter the information and click SEARCH.

A few tips:

  • Do not use the enter button on your keyboard.
  • Order reference look like this: B2KENR2.
  • ONLY search one name, no middle or last names.

Sound Notifications

Turn on or off Sound Notifications. A small "ding" will be heard once every time the page refreshes and there is a new order, regardless of the number of new orders.

Printer issue banner 

If you see this banner, click on HOW TO FIX IT, and you will be directed to this article to get step-by-step instructions.

Sending receipt and refunding

Learn more about what you can do in the info button.