Payout Report

The Payout Report shows you which days you have turnover, and which days that turnover is paid out.

What does the report show and not show

At the top, you'll see the location ID and location name.

In chronological order, the report lists up:

  • Settlement periods (which matches the Settlement Report) and their gross turnover, paid fees and currency. This adds to the rolling balance.
  • payouts with amount paid, payout initiated date, estimated arrival date and to which IBAN number it's paid out to. This deducts from the rolling balance.

The rolling balance will help you keep track of how much money Adyen had in your virtual account at each day.

Important notice about errors in the reports

We have discovered that our reports, for some customers, are showing duplicate orders.

The issue escalated Tuesday, January 18. 2022. We implemented a fix on Thursday afternoon, January 20. 2022.

For affected customers, any error will be corrected in an upcoming report, and we will provide more information about this via email.

Downloading the Payout Report

When selecting dates in the payout report, you are selecting payout dates, not settlement days.

You can choose to download in Excel or PDF format.

Differences between Settlement Reports and Payout Reports

A day on the Favrit platform is from 06:00 to 06:00 the following day to capture sales past midnight. The settlement report from that day shows a net revenue that you are supposed to get paid out.

The payout amount is usually paid out as stated on the settlement report, except:

  • Settlements for Wednesday 06:00 - 23:59 is one payout, Thursday 00:00 - 05:59 is one payout.
  • Weekends, from Friday 06:00 to Monday 06:00, are grouped together in one payout.
  • Grouping of payouts might also occur on bank holidays.
  • Some payments close to midnight might not be included in the payout for that day.
  • Discrepancies related to rounding might occur.
  • Delays between payment card issuer and transfer to Adyen.
  • If refunds and/or chargebacks has occurred.

If you find any other difference that can't be explained by the above, please let us know by emailing

All times in Central European Time (CET).

Date of payouts

Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom: Payouts are usually generated business three days after the sale, except for weekends. Transfer rates between banks differ, but we try to estimate the day in the report.

Sweden: Two payouts, one Tuesday for settlements Thursday till Sunday (including), the other one Friday for settlements Monday till Wednesday (including). 


Currently, the payout report is showing the following creditors:

  • Adyen - for all locations in Denmark and United Kingdom, and for all locations in Norway after October/November 2021.
  • Favrit - for all locations in Sweden, and for all locations in Norway before October/November 2021.

Each Norwegian location might have a different switch date between Favrit and Adyen. Sweden will be switched in February 2022.

We don't display the following creditors:

  • Bill on Room payments, which you are supposed to directly register in your hotel's cashier system and capture when guests check out.
  • Mobile Card Terminal, captured with your own payment terminal when using