Product Groups

Organize your menu into product groups to group them to match an accounting group and VAT.

Why add product groups?

All products you add to your menu must have a product group attached. A product group defines the account number (for internal reporting) and the VAT rate for each group. This shows in the settlement reports.

You can furter specify this per delivery method.

Adding product groups

Click on Create product group to add a new one. Enter a name, then account and VAT for each delivery method.
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Attaching product sections to product groups

Go back to Your Menu, and click on a section then Edit, or add a new one. You will be able to choose the product group for each section.Skjermbilde 2021-03-29 kl. 13.49.29

Favrit Support won't provide you guidance on which product groups to set up, which accounts to use or VAT rates. Learn more.