Using Product Library to improve your menu

Use our ready-to-go products to quickly build your menu. When you use products from our library you always get updated pictures and information.

Users of the new menu builder might see new and improved user interface, but the functionality stays the same. Learn more about using the new menu builder.

How it works

As a customer, you choose which products from which suppliers you want to add directly to your menu. The title, description, photo and allergens will be pre-filled by the supplier.

Getting access to the Favrit Product Library

All locations in Norway already have access to this trough > Menu > Product Library. Favrit Product Library will be available in other markets soon.

The first time you attempt to add an item, you will be asked to accept Item Library Specific Terms.

Access to the Product Library is free of charge.

Adding products to your menu

Choose one of the suppliers available by selecting Explore products, and explore all available products or drinks available.

Choose which products you would like to add to your menu by clicking Grey Add button with plus sign..

Select the menu section you would like to add it to, the price and availability.

Viewing products in your menu

When a product is added from Product Library, you can view it under > Menu > Your menu. Products from the Product Library is marked with an  icon.

When entering a product, you will not be able to edit the product name, description, picture or allergens. 

Converting your existing products

Admin might be able to detect that some of your products already exists in the product library. In that case, a message will be displayed above the product name.