Overview of available reports

Our system can produce several reports for different purposes. Learn more about the different types and what they show.

Reports go from 6 to 6 every day

Because a lot of our customers have open past midnight, all reports are based on a cycle that resets 06:00 local time (6 a.m.). A sale that occures August 20 at 7 pm and August 21 at 1 am is reported into the same settlement date. Keep this in mind when working with reports.

Types of reports and feature matrix

Go to admin.favrit.com and click on Reports. Then choose the type of report you would like.

Reports Settlement Report
X/Y Report
Payout Satement
Daily Summary
Accounting Reports
Bill on Room
Data type
Formats Excel in .xls (print to PDF) Receipt-friendly PDF Excel in .xls and PDF Receipt-friendly PDF Shows in Admin Shows in Admin
VAT breakdown Yes Yes   Yes Per product group.  
Payment method breakdown Yes Yes     Yes, including name.  
List of products sold Yes Yes   Yes    
Tips Yes Yes        
Delivery fee         Yes  
Refunds Only total amount     Yes    
Total sale of products Yes Yes. Yes Yes Yes. Yes.
Paid out to customer Yes   Yes