Reports: X/Y report

Get the legally required X and Y reports showing sales, VAT and payment method breakdown and more in a receipt friendly format.

Choose date

Use the calendar to choose a date for the report.

The report cycle is from 06:00 to 06:00 local time. If you try to download a report from today, you will get a X report. If you try to download a report from another day in the past, you will get a Z report.

Information included

  • Legal name, company number, period.
  • Point-of-sales ID and sequence number.
  • Breakdown of VAT, including total tip amount.
  • Breakdown of revenue per payment method and paid fees, including tips.
  • Quantity and name of product, net turnover, VAT and gross turnover for each product.
  • The quantity and total amount of:
    • total sales
    • tips
    • refunds
    • inbound bill of exchange
    • opening of cash drawer
    • copies of receipt
    • draft receipts
    • discounts
    • cancelled sales
    • line corrections
    • other corrections
    • price queries
    • delivery receipts
    • training receipts
  • Grand total sales, refunds and net sales.

Not all of these are applicable for Favrit's product, as it does not have a cash drawer, still it's a requirement to document this in the X/Z reports.

Printing and downloading

The report can be downloaded in a receipt friendly PDF (.pdf) format.