If the printer isn't printing out guest orders

Most printer issues are solved with simple steps. Follow these before contacting Favrit Support.

  1. Is it turned on? Check the blue light.
    • If not: Press and hold the power button to check if it turns on.
    • If no power: Open the back cover and check the power cable.
    • Also check that your power outlet works.
    • A printer with no power must be replaced: Contact Favrit Support.
  2. Can the printer feed blank paper? Use the feed button.
    1. Open the front cover to check if there's paper and it's top feed.
    2. If it doesn't print anything, make sure there's no paper jam.
    3. If you can't resolve it: Contact Favrit Support.
  3. Does the printer seem to print tickets, but there are blank pages?
    • Make sure you have inserted paper correct way. Follow this visual guide.
    • Make sure you have the correct type of paper: thermorull paper size 78-80 mm. Favrit doesn't provide this, buy it trough a vendor such as Asko, Staples and other office supply store.
  4. The above steps didn't help? Choose your tablet/computer:

We don't support any other tablet if you need to connect it to a printer.