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Understanding micronetworks

Sell food and drinks from your neighbors trough micronetworks.

What is a micronetwork?

Favrit has created a unique feature allowing you to offer food and drinks from places nearby, directly in your own menu. What you might earlier considered a competitor, can now be your partner, and together you can increase sales.

  • A pub might be interested to offer food from the next-door restaurant. The pub will keep the guests that are drinking - restaurant can get sales from people who would normally find a sit-down restaurant.
  • Hotels might offer nearby restaurant's menus together with their room service offerings.
  • A shopping mall or airport might put together a joint menu to order from food courts.
  • Food halls might have a diverse range of food booths, but want to offer them all in one menu. 

How it all works in the background

Both locations must be using Favrit. One location will be the host, the other will be the supplier.

  • Supplier must choose which menu sections that should be available to the host.
  • Host will get these menu sections available. Host can turn sections off or on, and rearrange where in the menu it is shown. Host can't make any changes to the sections, turn individual items off or on, or change prices.
  • Guests setting in host's location, won't be able to tell that some items are from another location. Both the host and supplier will only be notified about their own orders. Examples:
    • If guest orders only from the supplier, no order shows at host.
    • If guest orders only from host, no order show at supplier.
    • If guest orders from both places in same order, the same order is shown at both supplier and host.
  • Both locations can offer each other's menus, being both a host or supplier.
  • Our system will automaticly "split the bill" between the locations right away, and everything is visible in reports. Tips are also split percentage wise between the locations.

Getting started

To set up a micronetwork, participating locations must contact Favrit Support separately. Please give us the location name, as well as which menu sections you want to offer. We'll connect the locations internally. You can at any time contact us to edit or remove these connections as well.

How it works

If your location has a connection with another location, you will see their menu items in your menu. You can re-arrange them as you want, and turn the menu sections on or off. However, editing the products in a menu section is by design not possible - this must be done from the location offering the menu.

When ordering, the order overview will show the items that belongs to your location. A order with no products from your location won't show at all. Refer guests to Favrit Support if needed.