1. Support
  2. Setting Up and Getting Started

Setting up your company in Admin

If you're a new customer or need to take over a location using Favrit, follow this guide to get started in no time!

Not a customer yet? Go to your local "Become a customer" page to learn more about what features we provide, price plans, free trails and contact information: Norway, SwedenDenmark, United Kingdom.

1. Getting access to admin.favrit.com

admin.favrit.com is where you manage your locations. If you haven't already received access to this, speak with your sales representative, customer success manager or contact Favrit Support. We can also help you setting up multiple users to your locations.

2. Finding the right number of locations

By default, every customer gets one location, simply put one menu where you can manage your menu and settings.

Speak with your sales representative, customer success manager or contact Favrit Support to determine if you need multiple locations.

3. Setting up your menu

Start with your beverages. Trough our Product Library, you can get names, descriptions, allergens and photos about products directly from suppliers.

If your menu include food, set up your sides, appetizers and deserts first.

When setting up mains, you can start adding customizations and recommendations based on drinks and sides.

4. Adjust other settings

  1. Start with Company settings.
  2. Set up your Delivery points.
  3. Set up User communication.
  4. Adjust your Opening hours.

5. Check in with your accountant

Your accountant might want to know, or get access to the Favrit platform.

  • Learn more about providing access for accountants and auditors.
  • Learn more about setting up product groups.
  • Learn more about setting up an integration with your accounting software.

6. Testing the system before going live

You need to get to know the system before you go live.

7. Get your flyer

When you feel confident that your location is set up correctly, you might want to get an amazing looking flyer or sticker your guests can scan.