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Walk-trough of guest orders and how to manage them

This article explains the process of ordering and managing an order trough the Ordr platform.

  1. The guest enters your venue and scans your QR code, or visits ordr.no and searches for your venue's name.
  2. Guest is looking at the menu, and put items into a virtual cart. Based on your menu, the guest might be prompted to add extras or remove ingredients, make customizations and enjoy special prices on recommended items.
  3. Guest goes to the checkout page to:
    1. Review the order.
    2. Choose delivery method (table service, pick up, take away, room service, delivery, seat, conference).
    3. Adjusting when order should be delivered.
    4. Add tips (if enabled).
    5. Choosing payment method, some of which requires extra data like name or phone number.
    6. Adding discount codes, if enabled.
    7. Agreeing to covid-19 visitor registration (Norway only).
    8. Going to payment and paying trough the payment method.
  4. The order shows up in the order log in Admin. If you have one or more printers, a printout of the order is also printed immediately.
  5. You prepare the items and ensuring that it's delivered according to the delivery method.
  6. If applicable for your location, you click to send an automated message to the guest that the order is ready for pick-up.
  7. Mark the order as delivered in the order log.
  8. If applicable, you can refund the items in Admin.