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Unknown charges from Favrit

Why am I charged from Favrit?

If you have a charge from Favrit (formerly ordr), you most likely have been using our system at one of our customer's locations. Our customer base is mostly restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels, events and similar venues in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and United Kingdom.

Search for the venue first

Visit favrit.com and look for places you've recently visited.

Open your phone's browser and look trough open tabs

Open your phone and check if you have the confirmation page already open. From here, you can find click .

If you paid with Vipps in Norway, open the Vipps app on your phone, and go to Betalinger then Historikk. Find your payment and look for the order reference number. This will be helpful when contacting us.

Request a copy of your receipts

Use this form to get a copy of your receipt.

If you still don't recognize the charge

  1. Contact your card issuer/bank and report the incident. Consider blocking the card.
  2. Contact Favrit Support to report the issue.