ePOS: Using Open bill

Instead of paying directly when making the orders, you can add items to an Open bill for payment later.

This feature has to be enabled before you can use it. Contact your customer success manager or Favrit Support to get help.

When making sales in ePOS, you can click on "Add to Open Bill". You are then sent to a list of open bills to choose from, with the option of creating a new one. When creating a new Open bill, you are asked for the table number.

In the menu at the top, you can now choose Open bills to see all of those that are currently open, their table number, when their last order was and the total amount. Click on any table to either order more, invite the guest to see the open bill (not available for all customers) or pay. You can also see the entire open bill, with all product entries and at what time they were added here.

Under the tab "Paid last 12h" you can see all open bills that were settled (paid) within the last 12 hours of the day. Choose any bill to view it's orders, and the possibility to email or print a receipt to the guest.

At the moment, it is not possible to remove or change already added items to an Open bill. If there was any mistake, make a new order and make sure to pay for that instead. Then, go into your incorrect bill, mark it as paid with external terminal, then refund it from Admin.