Using your own computer or tablet

Favrit's flexible system lets you use any modern computer or tablet, as long as it has an internet connection

Using Orders and Sales View

To use Favrit, just access from your computer or tablet (for example iPad) - and start accepting orders.

In > Orders, you can view all incoming orders like the example above. Use READY SMS to send a notification to the customer that the order is ready for pick-up*, and use MARK AS DELIVERED to know what you already have handed out.

Use SALES VIEW at the top to get a oldest-to-latest view of all orders, that disappears when you click MARK AS DELIVERED.

If you need a printer

If you need a printer, you have to use a modern iPad running at least iOS 13 and purchase a printer from us. Learn more here.

* According to your contract, you might be subject to charge for SMS costs.