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Verifying your company details

Learn how to verify your company to accept payments from guests.

Why do I need to verify?

Favrit has in most markets partnered up with Adyen, a world-known payment service provider, to accept payments from guests. As all financial institutions, Adyen needs to verify your company details, bank account and information about owners/controllers of the company.
The verification checks, often referred to as Know-Your-Customer (KYC) checks, are required by financial regulators. The reason is to prevent fraud, money laundering, terror financing and other financial crimes.

Can I start using Favrit before I'm verified?

Yes, but please be aware that failure to submit and upload required information within the set time, will result in suspension of your account, and all collected money will be refunded to the guests.

Under extraordinary circumstances, Adyen might also find information about your company or owners that will result in a suspension. Neither we or Adyen can share details about these cases. If you collected money from guests, this will be refunded to guests directly.

How to start the check
1 Sign in to admin.favrit.com

Click on Settings, then Payments


Click Enable Withdraws from Favrit




Fill out the form asking you for company details, bank details and identity details for owners.

You might be asked to upload some documentation. If so, please click on the relevant button (see photo example).

If you are asked to upload documentation

Files must be in .jpeg, .jpg, .png or .pdf (max 2 pages), max 4 MB.

Company Details
Bank Details
  • Upload the latest bank statement for the account you want to use. It's okay if the account has no transactions.
  • Screenshots of an open bank statement is normally OK.
  • Bank statement must include name of account holder (company legal name) and IBAN number, also the bank logo.
UBO/Signatory Identity
  • Take a photo with a smartphone of a passport, driver's license (both pages) or national ID card (both pages). Scans are discouraged.
  • The ID must be valid and in color.
  • Make sure the entire ID card is in the photo with no particular background.

Uploaded documents are uploaded trough a secure connection (https) and handled according to Adyen's Privacy Policy.

Need help?

If you encounter any issues, we're here to help. Contact Favrit Support.