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  2. Setting Up and Getting Started

What is the Favrit platform?

We believe in a world where things are made easier. A world where the experience of food and drinks is in focus, and where distractions are removed.

Favrit offers a platform for restaurants and other venues offer a digital sales solution, using one or both of our two products: 

  • self-service solution, where guests scan QR codes on the tables, browse the menu and purchase right from their mobile phones, 
  • ePOS, where employees can enter their guest's orders behind a counter or out in the restaurant, with any smartphone, tablet or computer

The Favrit platform also offers many other features. Please visit our Become a customer pages to learn more. Here you can also speak to a sales representative.

What do I need to start using Favrit?

With Favrit, you can go full-on digital with your ordering.

  • You can start using our product with any computer and/or tablet. Those who prepare orders in the bar or kitchen, might need a tablet or computer to view incoming orders, and informing customers and staff when they're done.
  • For ePOS orders, you can also use any tablet or smartphone to collect orders.

If you wish, you can also connect the Favrit platform to a receipt printer, to get small paper receipts for every incoming order. For this setup, you need

  • Apple iPad
  • receipt printer with thermal receipt paper
  • stand to hold iPad and printer (optional)

You can bring your own devices, or buy directly from us when becoming a customer, or at any time afterwards.

A registered company in the country your restaurant or other venue is located is also required. Before you receive money, our payment provider might have to verify your company, bank account and owners.