Your Menu

Set up your entire menu with menu sections, prices, more.


Click on  in to get the following features

Create, edit or delete menu sections

Use sections to differentiate the type of products you're selling. Guests can see the sections, and use this to easily navigate trough your menu. 

For each section, you can set:

  • A name of the group.
  • A group, which reflects product groups.
  • The printer you are going to use.
  • Whether or not the menu section should have special opening hours (must be inside the location's opening hours).

When a menu section is created, you can now add items for purchase by clicking .

When you have created a location group, click on it to edit or delete it.

Turning on and off sections and items, reorganizing

The switch turns off (grey) or on (green) something in your menu - which reflects to the guests in real time. 
The four arrows can drag things around in the menu, which reflects real time in the guest's menu.

Example list of sections

Adding and editing products

For each product, you can add:

  • Search for an existing product from our product library.
  • Product Name
  • Description of the product.
  • Picture.
  • Allergens
  • Sizes with
    • sales price
    • cost price
    • amount/unit
    • name
    • inventory tracking

After saving, you can add:

  • removable ingredients
  • extra ingredients
  • recommandations
  • customizations