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Set up tax groups in your menu

Use tax groups to set the correct account and VAT for each product

Why add tax groups?

Each product can have a set tax group. For each tax group, you can set:

  • account number to show up in reports and accounting integration data
  • VAT rate that is used to price, shows up in customer receipts, your reports and integration data

You set both for eat-in and takeaway. What kind of sale is set by the delivery point:

Eat-in Take away
Table service Take away
Pick up point Delivery
Room service  
Conference room  

Tabell demo

Delivery point Tax group category Default VAT groups
Norway Sweden United Kingdom
Counter (ePOS only) Eat-in

25 %

12 %

20 %
Table service
Pick up point
Room Service
Take away Take away 15 % 12 % 20 %


If you don't set a tax group

Account numbers will be blank.

For VAT: the following will apply for each delivery point and each country:

Delivery point Norway Sweden United Kingdom
Counter (ePOS only) 25% 12% 20%
Table service 25% 12% 20%
Pick up point 25% 12% 20%
Take away 15% 12% 20%
Room Service 25% 12% 20%
Delivery 15% 12% 20%
Seat 25% 12% 20%
Conference 25% 12% 20%

How tax groups shows

In the Settlement report, there's information about a product's accounting number and VAT. If the same product has been sold with different tax groups, the product shows up several times with each unique combination.

In the X/Z report and Daily Summary report, there's information about a product's VAT.

In the Accounting report, you can see total gross sale for each account.

What accounting and VAT rates should I set

Favrit Support is not able to provide guidance about which accounting and VAT rates you should use. We highly recommend to ask your accountant, seek legal guidance or ask relevant tax authorities.